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Wireless Network Services

Are You Going Wireless?

When setting up a wireless network in your home, there are a number of questions you’ll be faced with:

Where will your access points be located?
What security measures do you need to take?
What software do you need to install?
It’s easy to overlook the details of any one of the above steps, resulting in security vulnerabilities, slow connection, or a wireless network that simply won’t connect. Skip the frustration of setting up a wireless network in your home and let RTM Technologies Unlimited, Inc. handle it for you!

What Does Routine Maintenance Include?

We can walk you through a whole host of issues from common computer problems to more advanced issues, such as network security and virus removal. Below is a selection of the common issues we handle through Remote Computer Support:

Your Computer won’t start up
Your Printer isn’t printing
Your Scanner isn’t scanning
Driver installation
Your mouse isn’t working
…and many more!

On-site Support

While much system maintenance can be accomplished remotely, a RTM Technologies Unlimited, Inc. Managed Services Solution also provides businesses with on-site support as necessary to keep computer systems running smoothly without the costly overhead expense of maintaining full time IT resources.

Wireless Networking Services

Your wireless network is the key to the flexibility of your business and home network of computers. You can connect anywhere without wires and you save space by not clogging up your work area. Because your network represents both your connection to the internet and between all your computers, it needs to be performing at its peak every minute of every hour of every day - otherwise your business may suffer. No more lost connections, no more slow download times, no more frustration - see what RTM Technologies Unlimited, Inc. can do for your company’s wireless network below:

Wireless Network Setup

To make things as easy and informative as possible for your, the owner, we’ll walk you through the setup of your network both before and after installation. Once the installation is complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of the setup as well as how to maintain and optimize your wireless network for peak performance. In addition, the following services are included in our Wireless Network Setup:

Configuration of Wireless Access Points - Strategic selection of access points to maximize the speed of your network
On-site Testing - RTM Technologies Unlimited, Inc. will make sure your network is up and running before we leave
Technical Briefing - We’ll brief both the owner/operator of the network as well as end users

Wireless Network Assessment

RTM Technologies Unlimited, Inc. will provide the following services as part of a Wireless Network Assessment:

Determine Security Vulnerabilities
Evaluate Connection Speed
Detailed Assessment Report